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Commotion as Angry Customer Drives Her SUV Straight Into Store(Photo)

A woman got really upset with a store after a altercation, has shown her grievance in a most devastating way. 

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The woman from Oregon, USA, shocked people when drove her SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) into a grocery store and down the aisles, according to police.


According to Yahoo News, Springfield police say a 43-year-old woman tried to purchase $2,200 of gift cards and became upset when her check bounced and the store employees would not complete the transaction.


She was reported to have angrily left the store Tuesday afternoon and returned just after midnight, that is Wednesday morning.


Police say she parked in front of the store and was yelling about wanting her gift cards.


Police say the woman then drove the SUV through the store entrance, up and down an aisle, and out the other side of the Safeway.


Police arrested her at her home.


No one was injured in the incident.

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