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INSANE: Naked Farmer performs press ups on the back of moving pickup for charity

A Scottish farmer stripped nude with only a sock to protect his modesty and performed 22 naked push ups on the back of a moving truck for charity. Kenny Fraser bared all to shoot a video to raise awareness of a campaign involving military charity Combat Stress to tackle post-traumatic stress disorder.

The video was taken by a friend driving behind the pickup. Kenny, 43, said: "It's a great cause but I wanted to do something different with videos or else it can come across a bit boring sharing the same thing 22 days in a row.

"I thought it'd be a bit of a laugh to do it naked and that'd be a good way of getting the video shared and raising the profile of the charity . 

"I've got a lot of friends in the forces and I think everyone knows someone who has been affected by depression. 

"It turned a few heads definitely. I'm quite shy but it's for a good cause so it didn't bother me at all. In saying that, I wouldn't have gone without the sock. "It was right in the middle of town but the weather could have been a lot worse to be fair, at least it wasn't raining. 

"We had a lot of fun doing it. My mate was following behind with a dash cam and you can hear from his cackles of laughter exactly what he made of it."

In a message posted with the video, Kenny said:

"People are feeling so low they are taking their own lives. Let's make that stop.

"Apologies for the sock but my driver refused to do it if my wee peeky pokey was staring at him in the rear view mirror."

Source: UK Mirror

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