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Omg! Can You Eat in this Restaurant? See the Photo that Has Got People Talking on Social Media

A photo being circulated on social media has shown a hilarious signboard advertising a restaurant and has left many people in stitches. 



This is the photo that has sent many social media users into a laughing fit.


The photo shows what is obviously an advert meant to drive customers to a restaurant.


In the photo, a makeshift building is seen with a board by the side on which is written several words which made up the advertisement.


What has got people really amused is the advertiser's choice of words and they were written.


First is the boldly written words "HAVE YOU EAT?" which strikes one immediately as a huge blunder.


This is followed on its right with "EAT FOR BUTTER GROUTH" which is obviously meant to say "Eat for better growth"


Social media users have been quick to ask whoever put up the advert to clean it up and try again.


Can you spot the other badly spelled words?

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