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Omg! Watch as Over 100 Women Flash Massive B**bs in Global Protest (Photos)

Over hundred women have protested in the GoTopless campaign to free the nipple as they flashed enough boobs. 

The women protested topless in support of the Free the Nipple movement


The ninth annual International GoTopless Day kicked off in style as many women took to the streets to protest. The incident took place on Sunday as the women marched the street of Midtown.


Other women marched across 50 cities including London, Brighton and Edinburgh all in support of the Free the Nipple movement.




Speaking about the incident, Pagan Chamber, who helped organise the march down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh posted: “Men you could cover your nipples up with tape or wear a bra to show the hypocrisy of censorship."


Topless women carried signs which read “stop over-sexualising the female nipple”, "equalititty for everyone" and "equal topless rights 4 all".



Men also joined in the protest with some drawing crosses across their nipples and writing “censorship” and “body equality” across their chests. Larger groups appeared in the US cities as they paraded down tourist hotspots including Venice Beach, Los Angeles and Broadway in New York.


GoTopless spokesperson Kasyo Perrie said: “Our goal is for equal gender topless rights to be enforced worldwide, freeing women's nipples.


"Freeing nipples and bodies frees minds as well, restoring self-image and self-esteem.


"Therefore, our topless pride parades will overflow with bare breasts, joy and fun.

“A giant balloon in the shape of a pair of breasts will float in the New York City’s sky.”


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