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Power Of Make-up : See How Make Up changed The looks Of This Albino (Photos)

An albino model has left many people talking and swearing after a shocking make over transformation made her almost unrecognizable. 

Moreniko's before and after photo


A pretty model has been given a shocking make over transformation which has left many tongues wagging. The model whose name is Morenike was totally unrecognizable after the make over.


Nigerians did not forget to react to the shocking transformation especially for the fact that the model who is an abino was totally transformed.



In fact, many have considered it something of a fraud for a woman to be so transformed that the husband or boyfriend can no longer recognize her. The transformation was done by Ayosplacestudio.


Someone commented: "She beautiful. What I don't understand is why some have to still label her as albino in the same sentence.. just like how we go through it with white folk saying "she's pretty for a black girl"."



"I told you makeup is sorcery," another added.


Someone else wrote: "Did they darken her skin....?"


Another person commented: "God will forgive you people o, that's all" 


"This is too much a transformation." someone else wrote.


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