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Shock as Man Digs Up Human Bones While Cleaning His Compound (Photo)

In what will come across as a rather shocking development, a man has stumbled upon human bones while cleaning his house. 

Hlangabeza Mbonambi found a human skull in his yard.


The man identified as Hlangabeza Mbonambi, has made a shocking discovery.


Mbonambi,a South African, dug up a few bones on Tuesday while cleaning the yard after tenants had moved out.


At first he thought it was probably just an animal’s remains, but the 34-year-old man from Ngwelezane, northern KZN, received the shock of his life when he dug further.


According to Daily Sun SA, Mbonambi said he’s still shivering after he found a human skull!


“The bones were wrapped in a blanket,” he said.


He put a few bones in a rubbish bag as he thought he could remove them on his own.


“When the skull came out I stopped digging and called the police because I realised that the matter was serious and beyond me,” he said.


He said the house was his mother’s and that the tenants had moved in after she died in 2011. They moved out last month.


“After all of them moved out I decided to move in. I don’t know what happened while they lived here.

“I don’t have their phone numbers or new address,”he said.


KZN police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Shooz Magudulela confirmed the incident.


“An inquest docket was opened at Empangeni Police Station after human remains wrapped in a blanket were found in the Ngwelezane area,” said Magudulela.


DNA tests will be conducted to determine gender and identity as well as the cause and possible date of death.

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