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Shocking! Pastor Who Used Demonic Powers to Grow His Church in Imo State Exposed (Photo+Video)

A Nigerian pastor who used demonic powers to grow his church has made a shocking confession of how he did it. 

The demonic pastor confessed


According to Emmanuel TV, a pastor's victory's ministry was struggling as membership waned and attendance became scanty.


Deciding to pursue diabolic means forward, he visited a Nigerian 'witch-doctor' who prepared a demonic concoction meant to boost his church growth. 


The pastor was exposed and he confessed to Emmanuel TV: "When my ministry was growing, some people started to threaten me."As they were threatening me, the church started to fold. I went to my pastor friend who took me to a witch doctor.


"I asked the witch doctor to do a charm for my protection and for my church to grow and have a large crowd."


"The witch doctor told me that he would prepare a charm for me and that I will swallow," he continued.


"He said that with these charms, no one would be able to kill me. And also that I would have the power to do miracles. "Man of God, please deliver me."


He sought help from The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, who cast the devil out of him in spectacular fashion, causing him to shake violently and crouch on all fours.


"I felt like I saw an angel who flashed light at me and the next thing was I found myself by the altar," he added.


Watch video below:


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