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Unbelievable! Hot Female Estate Agent Caught Having S*x in the House She Had Just Sold (Photo)

A female Estate agent has been left totally disgraced after she was caught red-handed having s*x with a man on the floor of a house she had sold. 

The pair were found having passionate sex on the floor of a house


A shameless Estate agent has been disgraced after she was caught having s*x with a man on the floor of a house she sold to a client. The incident which occurred on Saturday, came to light after a suspicious neigbour spotted flashlights moving inside the building and called the police.


Dailystar reports that when they arrived, the police claim they found estate agent Kayla Seloff, 22, enjoying a "passionate rendezvous" with a man on the floor.


At first, she lied that she and Joshua Leal, 27, were married and had just bought the house – but their story came undone when they had to provide ID.


Police claim that they smelt marijuana when Seloff opened her car door, and that they found a pipe and a small bag of drugs inside. It's then that she's alleged to have come clean about who she was, and confessed her ownership of the drugs in her car.


The new owners of the home in the US city of Friendswood, Texas, have now filed criminal trespassing charges.


Neighbour James Hicks said he called the cops fearing that the property was being occupied by squatters. He told WFSB news: “I guess they were having fun. It's very funny. I’m shocked and amazed, but not surprised.”


Bail for Seloff, from Houston, Texas, and Leal, from Friendswood, was set at $1000 (£760) each. Criminal trespassing is punishable in Texas by a $2000 (£1520) fine and up to 180 days in jail.

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