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What A Shame! See Drunk Policeman Allegedly Threatening Road Users With Gun In Benue State (Photos)

Allegation has been made concerning a drunk police officer who was threatening road users along Gboko-Aliade road in Benue state.

According to the report, the policeman who allegedly asked for bribe -vented his anger on a commercial driver who offered hi N30.

Read below what was shared by Orahii Samuel yesterday:-

This policeman, Mobile Unit on duty yesterday at about 2pm at Igyula along Gboko-Aliade Road took alcohol to stupor and was seriously misbehaving by threatening road users with the gun. I tried getting his service number and name but his jacket covered the tags.

I saw him assured a commercial driver that he would have wasted his life by shooting him dead if it was at night, just because the driver told him that he does not have money to settle them.

He added that in Maiduguri, a driver can’t waste a policeman’s time to begin to explain that he doesn’t have money for settlement; the police will just shoot the driver dead and throw him in the bush.

He warned the driver not to say a pleading word again rather than quietly settle them. One of the passengers who saw how the driver’s vehicle has been having faults while they were coming gave him N30 to give to the policeman and plead further.

When the driver removed the N30 to give to the policeman, he asked him how much it was. The driver replied him that it’s N30. The policeman became infuriated and started beating up the driver with his gun. He said the driver has insulted him by giving him N30.

His colleagues intervened but could not stop him. They told this reporter that their superior colleague is drunk and confessed he has been behaving like that since morning. According to them, they can’t stop him because he is their superior.

I write this to request the Nigerian Police Force to call Gboko Command to trace this unprofessional policeman on duty yesterday at Igyula Community along Gboko-Aliade Road using the attached pictures. Those plying that route should also take caution in order not to risk their lives.

In the second picture below with money on ground in front of the policeman, he was doing so while trying to prove to the driver that he has enough money and not hungry enough to collect N30 from him.

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