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Woman Dances Naked In Packed Bar Leaving The Crowd Shocked (Photos)

A woman has caused a stir on social media after she strip-danced provocatively in public at a packed bar. 

The unnamed girl strip teasing people in public


A woman has shocked a packed crowd in a bar by strip dancing in public at a bar. In the video that has gone viral, she could be seen wearing a tiny bikini while dancing provocatively to the joy of the shocked crowd.


The traditional Colombian music played on the background as a crowd watched her dancing.


During the video, one of the bar's happy customers walks over and places a bottle in front of the girl, who continues to dance topless taking no notice.


The woman apparently entered the premises in order to use the bathroom, but found her way to the dance floor instead.



She then began removing her clothing seductively, not shy about doing so in front of a crowd of stunned onlookers, while dancing to traditional Colombian music.


The footage ends as she bends over and removes her bikini bottoms to complete her nude performance. The incredible incident took place in an area known as Hollywood beach, in the city of Cartagena, an area of Colombia popular with tourists and holidaymakers.


Colombian police are attempting to investigate whether the woman was invited to perform the dance by bar staff or if the impromptu performance was her own idea.


Officials say both the club owner and the woman involved could be liable for charges related to civil disobedience in relation to the incident.

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