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Former Tenant Brutally Beats Up Landlord in Broad Daylight.... See Reasons why

A landlord has received the beating of his life at the hands of an ex tenant following an altercation.
Jongile Tshegameno
The man, identified as Jongile Tshegameno, was attacked and beaten up by a man who used to be his tenant.
Jongile now walks around with wire in his teeth after the incident.
According to Daily Sun SA, Jongile, 41, from Dobsonville, Soweto, South Africa, revealed that the tenant, whom he had not seen for 5 years, had come back and asked for his shack.
The story of the shack goes back five years when the tenant lived in the yard – before Jongile got an RDP.
“I sold the stand to him for R8 000. Later I told him I no longer wanted to sell the stand and I gave him back his money,” said Jongile.
He said the man then disappeared, leaving his girlfriend behind in the shack. “She was unemployed and stayed for free for more than two years, saying she would pay the rent once her boyfriend came back,” he said.
The woman eventually left, taking everything except a bed, a wardrobe and a kitchen cupboard.
“That was in December last year,” said Jongile.
Daily Sun SA reports that Hongile then cleared the shack and rented it out.
Three months ago he sold the shack to a tenant for R1 200, who then moved.
“It was on a Friday,” said Jongile. “The next day the girlfriend arrived with three men, wanting the shack and its contents. They said they were taking me to the police station but put me in a car and assaulted me.

“I was only let go after I had shown them where the shack was.”
Four days later the former tenant arrived and demanded his shack from Jongile.
“I told him that I had sold the shack for the rent I was owed,” he said. “I took him to his girlfriend’s place and she told us the shack was in Tshepisong.

“He beat me and I ended up in hospital with wire in my teeth. I opened a case but was told to withdraw it as I constantly had to visit the doctor and couldn’t attend court.”

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