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From White to Black: Goddess of X, Maheeda, Has Stopped Bleaching, Her New Photos will Shock You!

Controversial singer, Maheeda, has made a detour from bleaching 34 years after. Her latest pictures shows how dark she is before embarking on her bleaching journey.
Popular Nigerian singer and self-professed Goddess of X, Caroline Sam, also known as Maheeda, who said few weeks ago that she will stop bleaching, has shared new photos to prove to her thousands of followers.
"Bleaching break...for 6 months is what I'm on now," she had earlier wrote on her page.
The Holland-based Nigerian nudist, took to her Instagram few hours ago and posted photos of her shocking transformation resulting from her break in the  bleaching of her skin.
We pic-mixed her before and after bleaching pictures which clearly show the difference, check on it all below;

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