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Funny! 4 Annoying Things Football Fans Do That We Need To Avoid ...No. 3 Fans Are Worst

Some football fans can be really annoying sometimes when they put up some obnoxious acts while watching the game. 



There is no denying that fans are the lifeblood of professional sports, but some take their love for the game too far. Over the past two weeks, I have come to discover that sports fans can get a little cuckoo. I have witnessed tones of overzealous fans making a fool of themselves over a game. I agree that fan frenzy makes the game a little more exciting, but some fanatics give the crowd a bad rap.


I am not much of a sports fan myself, but with good company and the right amount of alcohol, I can yell obnoxiously during a game like the best of them. I have been having a great time watching the Rio Olympics and the premier league, and I have noted a few types of overly fervent fans who need to chill out.


Here are some of them:


1. The screamers


I understand that we can be passionate about something, but why do sports fans feel compelled to curse and yell at the TV when the team they are supporting starts to lose? It is unbelievably annoying, having to listen to all of the cursing, screaming and yelling.


You should never let yourself get that carried away. You scare your children when you start screaming at the TV. It is just a damn game and you have no personal stake in it, unless you are one of those idiots who are gambling away their life savings on sports betting. So, calm down, breathe and just enjoy the game.


2. The criers


Fanaticism can be really endearing, but it is utterly ridiculous to see a grown man who have never shed a tear over death, illness, unemployment or much of anything, suddenly becomes a blabbering mess because Arsenal have been beaten by Liverpool.


It’s okay to invest some emotions in your favourite team, but it is not okay to break down into tears every time they lose. Why are you feeling pain over something that doesn’t affect your life at all?


Then there are those who get into a foul mood after a loss and go lashing out their anger at everybody within a 10-metre radius. Chill, it is never that serious.


3. The know-it-alls


These are the self-proclaimed experts of the game. There are tonnes of sport fans that know a lot about the game but choose not to brag about it. 


The know-it-alls on the other hand make it their life’s mission to let you in about everything about the game, from the players, the history to the statistics. Honestly, if we were dying to know the statistics about the game, we would just pull out our phones and Google it.


4. The pretenders


These are usually the wives and the girlfriends who know don’t give a hoot a about sports, but because their husbands and boyfriends are fanatics, they decide to tag along to every game, only to spend the whole time looking at their phones, barely noticing what is happening on the screen.


You should just stay home and watch The Good Wife. He won’t love you any less.



By Nancy Roxanne (@roxannekenya)

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