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Heartbreaking: Evil Mother-in-law Pours Acid on Pregnant Daughter-in-law in Attempt to Kill Her Unborn Baby (Photos)

In this touching story, a pregnant teenager has been brutally attacked by her in-laws who poured her acid in a bid to burn her unborn baby after a prophecy. 

S Girija was attacked by her in-laws


This is the heartbreaking story of a pregnant mother who is now recovering in hospital after her Indian in-laws poured acid on her bump in an attempt to fry the baby after a prediction it would be a girl. 


According to Dailymail, the 27-year-old victim identified as S Girija by police in Nellore, eastern India collapsed in agony when her husband's mother and her sister-in-law poured a powerful acid on her baby bump following a prediction by an astrologer that she was expecting a girl. 



After executing the evil act, the victim's mother-in-law escaped. The police later arrested the woman's husband and his father, who were not named in reports.


Girija already has an 18-month-old daughter and police believe she was attacked to stop her husband fathering a second girl. Medics say she has severe burns over 30 percent of her body. 



A senior officer told local media: 'We are waiting for chemical analysis report.


'It appears that they mixed a chemical in kerosene and poured it over her.


'We are on a look-out for Girija's mother-in-law.'


Many Indians from rural or traditional backgrounds believe female children are worth less than boys.


One commentator told local media: 'This is typical of the ignorance about and prejudice against a girl child.' 

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