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Man lynched by angry Mob After He Recorded Himself Raping A Dog (Photo)

An angry mob has descended its wrath on a man who was said to have r*ped a dog and at the same time livestreamed the video on the internet. 


A man who allegedly livestreamed himself raping dogs was left naked and beaten in the street after an animal vigilante group lured him into a trap.

The unnamed man also reportedly charged customers £5 to beat dogs before having sex with them while broadcasting the abusive content live to thousands of viewers.

Dog lovers first noticed the horrific streams three weeks ago and tracked the man to southwestern China’s Sichuan province where they reportedly found him running a dog brothel.

A number of vigilantes chatted with the man for several days before luring him into a trap when they arranged to meet for a chat “about his “hobby”. He was met by dozens of activists who immediately set upon him.

Dramatic footage shows the man completely n*ked in the street after being dragged from his home. The furious mob then surround him and begin kicking and punching him in front of shocked onlookers.

The beating was eventually stopped when local residents called police and the man was taken to hospital for treatment, Mirror UK, reports

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