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Meet the school Teacher who allows teenager touch her

A school teacher has appeared in court for allegedly having s*x with a teenager and allowing little students to fondle and lick her surgically improved breast. 

Lindsey Ann Radomski


An Arizona yoga instructor has appeared in court after she was accused of flashing her breast at young boys at a bar mitzvah before performing sexual acts with a 15-year-old.


The woman identified as Lindsey Ann Radomski, 34, of Scottsdale, claimed she was drugged and even r*ped by the teens after she was arrested last year for allegedly allowing several boys - some as young as 11 - to fondle and lick her newly enhanced breasts at the March 22, 2015, celebration.


Dailymail reports that the court heard she also performed oral s*x on one of the boys, then aged 15, after the others left the room. 


Yesterday, her lawyer, Radomski's lawyer, Jocquese Blackwell, claimed his client had been intentionally drugged with GHB by an 18-year-old at the party, NY Daily News reports.


He insisted that his client was also a victim in the incident and that she had been 'raped' by the minors.


'A woman that's incapacitated can't consent to any sexual contact, any sexual assault,' Blackwell said last year.


Revealing how the incident happened, court records stated that in the early hours of March 22, while most of the bar mitzvah guests were asleep or had gone home, Radomski allegedly invited seven boys, aged 11 to 15, into a bedroom and let them fondle her surgically augmented breasts.


When a parent of one of the kids involved learnt about the incident, she went to the police leading to the teacher's arrested.


Radomski, who teaches yoga in the Scottsdale area, was interviewed two days later. She told authorities that she had been too drunk to remember the incident but did admit to flashing party guests. 


She later said she was slipped a date rape drug which was why she cannot recall the incident.


'Ms. Radomski has no memory of what happened in that room and because she has no memory, from her perspective and from my perspective as her attorney, it didn't happen and we'll see what happens in court,' Blackwell told KPNX last year.


Her attorney told a court at a previous hearing that he had a hair test which proves his client was drugged with GHB.


But on Tuesday, the prosecution disagreed, saying that the levels of GHB found in her blood stream were no higher than what would naturally occur in a person's body after analyzing a set of newly obtained blood tests.


Prosecutors accused her of changing her story. Radomski was initially charged with 21 felony counts, including sexual conduct with a minor, sexual abuse and indecent exposure, but in June last year, a grand jury declined to indict her citing a lack of evidence.


If convicted, the yoga teacher could face more than six months in jail and three years of probation.


Her trial is expected to finish next week. 

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