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Notorious Drug Dealer Caught After Posting Photos and Bragging on Instagram About His Extravagant Lifestyle (Photos)

The extravagant lifestyle showcased on Instagram has cost a notorious drug dealer to fall under the radar of the police who found him culpable of criminal activities.
Notorious drug dealer, Levi Watson has now been jailed for for seven years.
A notorious drug dealer has been caught by the police after he got exposed bragging about his champagne lifestyle on Instagram with pictures of Lamborghinis, Rolexes and cash.
According to a report by Dailymail, Levi Watson, 29, posted the string of boastful photos on the social media site – including one of him posing alongside Premier League footballer Andre Gray – while being part of a drug ring.
The man was questioned by the police earlier about his role in the drugs gang, but he claimed to have no income only living a quiet life in the West Midlands city. Officers were stunned to have discovered his plethora of lies and the extravagant lifestyle he was showing off on Instagram.
He has now been jailed for seven years following a huge drugs bust by West Midlands Police. Dealers in the ring got sentenced to more than 130 years behind bars between them.
Watson could be seen in some of the photos he posted on his Instagram page, enjoying a helicopter ride and posing on the bonnet of a white Ferrari. Another picture shows him relaxing in a bubble bath surrounded by £20 notes.
Another image, featuring three watches wrapped around a Porsche Panamera gear stick, was captioned: 'Have you seen a 100k well if you haven't this what a hundred k plus look like.'
A third image, showing a gold watch surrounded by Jamaican thousand dollar bills, was captioned: 'When your sitting on over quarter of a million but you tell them it's pennies.' 
He will now spend seven years in prison.

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