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People in Shock After Dog is Seen Carrying a Dead Baby in Its Mouth Through the Street (Photos+Video)

It was shock on the faces of people after a dog was seen carrying a dead infant in its mouth through the street.
The dog carrying a dead baby through the streets
People were left in shock after a dog was caught carrying a dead baby in its mouth through the streets in Pakistan.
The baby is tiny, and clearly lifeless as the female dog walks with it in her mouth through cars and motorbikes, according to The Sun.
The dog could be seen in the video trying to hide in a bush after it is caught with the tragic baby.
People passing by tried to get the dog to release the small n*ked infant, which looks like it may have just been born. The dog moves through traffic and people on motorbikes, with some noticing the disturbing sight and others weaving around the animal.
Watch video below:

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