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Question Of The Day:- What Would You Do If You Meet Your Best Friend & Girlfriend like This?

Sad-Black-thinking-manA friend sent in this Photo asking us to put it up as our Question of the Day.
He said he’s trying to make a decision before going back home to meet his friend and girlfriend, He’s relying on your Comments/Decisions.
Read what he sent to us below:-
Came back from work after a very stressful day only to meet my Best friend in a compromising state like that in the photo above with my Girlfriend of 3 Years.
I met them Kissing and Smooching uncontrollably and it looks like the real Final is about to go down in few minutes to come.
I just bang the door so they can know I actually saw something and I drove off to my mum’s place so I can cool off my brain before I do anything that will land me in Jail.
Am sending you this mail from my Mum’s house, Can’t go home!
What Should I do? Am totally confused!

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