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See how This Man Proposed to Girlfriend in a Most Dramatic and Romantic Way, but what see Did To Him might shock You (photos)

A young man who had carefully made plans to propose to his girlfriend in a special way, has gotten the shock of his life.
This is the moment a young man was caught on camera proposing to his girlfriend after going to great lengths to pull off the feat.
The young man, a third year university student in China declared his love for his crush with 999 grapefruits and a self-written love song.
After slowly walking up to her, the young man said: "I liked you from the first day we met, and now I want everyone to know I like you. Will you be my girlfriend?" 
Unfortunately the girl rejected him, his 999 grapes and love song.
The people who had gathered to watch the proposal disappeared with the grapes two minutes later.
The amused crowd that had gathered to watch the spectacle swooped on the grapes and carted them off.
See more photos below:

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