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Shocking: Education Minister Executed by Firing Squad Reason Will Shock You

In what will come across as a really shocking development, a minister of Education has been killed by firing squad for a really shocking reason. 

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un


Kim Yong-Jin, a senior North Korean official, has been killed by firing squad.


The man was executed just because he did not SIT PROPERLY during a meeting.


Kim Yong-Jin before his death was the Education minister of North Korea and his execution was ordered by the country's tyrannical leader, Kim Jong-un.


According to Daily Mail, Kim Yong-Jin, 63, was shot dead after his 'bad sitting posture' in parliament incurred the wrath of the North Korean dictator.


Kim Yong-Jin


Daily Mail reports that a South Korean official has revealed that the late Minister (Vice Premier) was interrogated and found to be an 'anti-revolutionary agitator' before his execution.


'Vice premier for education Kim Yong-Jin was executed,' South Korea's unification ministry spokesman Jeong Joon-hee said.  


'Kim Yong-Jin was denounced for his bad sitting posture when he was sitting below the rostrum,' he added, referring to North Korea's parliament.


Kim Jong-un was in the government meeting and was infuriated after Kim Yong-Jin sat in his chair'with a bad attitude'.


Another South Korean official said the education official's poor posture was spotted at a meeting on June 29, when Kim Jong-un was named chairman of a new national defence department.

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