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Shocking! This Old Woman Was Caught Red Handed Stealing Food Items And Hiding in Her Panties (Photos)

An elderly woman has left many people in shock after she stole food items at a popular supermarket and hid it in her panties.
The elderly shoplifter was disgraced after stealing at a supermarket and hiding it in her panties
An elderly woman has been disgraced after she was caught red-handed on camera stealing food items and hiding it in her panties at a Mexican supermarket.
She was later caught by the security and left totally ashamed when forced to remove the items from her underwear. She eventually brought out all the hidden items including boxes of bubblegum and cans of lager.
The policewoman who was at the scene searched her after to confirm if she had brought out all the stolen items. She was left totally ashamed.
The footage was posted on Liveleak

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