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So Hilarious: This Man's Dance Moves Will Get You Laughing and Rolling on the Floor (Watch Video)

A man has been caught on camera in the church giving people a good laugh with his dramatic dance moves.
This is the moment a man was caught on camera in church dancing vigorously in church.
A viral video trending online, shows the man going to give offering but taking some time to demonstrate some dancing skills.
The man is seen jumping in front of the congregation and showing off his dance skills as if he had no worries at all in the entire world
In the video, he is obviously going to put his offering in the offering box, but he holds on for a while to tell the world just how happy he is.
He dances dramatically and even shows off some acrobatic skills at a point.
After a while, he then finally puts in his offering and goes back to his seat.
Social media users have suggested that the man must be the happiest human in the world for him to dance in that carefree way.
Watch the video below:

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