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This Woman Wants To Dash Out Her son On Facebook (Photos)

30-year-old Ella Broodbanks sought to give her 14yr old son away for free. She made her intentions known in a cheeky Facebook post which has gone viral. Ella who was surprised at the popularity of her post said: 'When I made the post public I got loads of responses. All sorts of people have shared it. It was just a bit of a laugh really but I think a lot parents could relate to it. 

'Usually people only post about the perfect moments on Facebook and sometimes you just feel like saying, actually I've had a really bad day with my kids.'

She was quick to add that Bradley isn't all bad: 

'I should say I've got lovely kids and that my son's behaviour isn't malicious or anything like that. I'm very lucky...he can just be a very moody teenager at times.'

Source: Daily Mail

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