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Too Bad: Man Killed While Pursuing Danfo Driver Who Bashed His Car (Photos)

A young man lost his life in brutal fashion in the commercial capital of Lagos during a disagreement with a commercial bus driver. 

The man's corpse on the road


Residents of Maryland area in Lagos were shocked yesterday morning, 2nd of September after a commercial bus a.k.a 'Danfo' hit and killed a man who was on his way to his office.


According to an eyewitness, the man who is said to be a managing director in one of the offices in the area was said to have died while trying to pursue the Danfo driver who bashed his car at Onigbongbo bus-stop, Maryland.

The man reportedly left his car, removed his shoes and ran after the bus driver, according to a report. While trying to hold the bus and accost the driver, the man was pushed away by the driver as he fell on the ground.





He was immediately hit on the head by another bus which was coming his way. He died on the spot.


May his soul rest in peace.

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