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Unbelievabl! Check Out the This 6 Benefit Of Having Sex Regularly No1 will Shock You

Experts have said séx and orgasms have more impact on the body and an individual that we know.

Some people don’t think of séx as something that transcends the moment of the intercourse between a man and a woman.

However, experts have said $ex and orgasms have more impact on the body and an individual.

If you have not yet found an excuse to have séx, here are six:

1. Séx makes you live longer. Yes, it has been said that men and women who have séx and have two or more orgasm a greatly the risk of dying prematurely.

2. Séx keeps you young. It has been said that people who have séx three times a week look between four and seven years younger because séx is an aerobic form of exercise which promotes skin renewal. Scientists explain that blood being pumped around the body during séx helps push up fresher skin cells to the surface of the skin, thereby giving a younger appearance.

3. Séx keeps you physically fit. The physical exertion needed for séx helps you burn between 100 and 250 calories an hour of séx. Interestingly, all major muscle groups in the body benefit from it, keeping you fit and trim.

4. Séx improves your mood. During séx, the body releases oxytocin which generates emotional feelings such as warmth and nurturing. More orgasms then means more oxytocin and more bliss for you.

5. Séx eases stress. Orgasm (and séx) triggers the body to release of the feel-good chemicals called endorphins.

6. Séx protects your heart. Scientists say that regular séx is one things that help raise the level of testosterone which is said to protect the heart.

Don’t you just love the fact that something we love to do can be so beneficial?

So go have séx with your special one and help each other live longer.

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