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Gordons Apologises To Tuface After Calling Him An ILLITERATE

Oh dear! You know Tuface has heard it all in the past few days after comin out to call a national protest then backing out. Gordons in an interview with GoldmyTV had called the musician an illiterate yesterday saying;

“How are you going to express yourself TuFace when microphone is right in your face and you are asked to express your grievance and the reason why you are protesting? You can’t express yourself, it’s not your game. Do it with music you are used to. TuFace is the only illiterate who can sing correctly.” 

It generated a lot of side talks and the comedian has now confirmed online that he has sent Tuface and his family a text apologising for what he said. He also admitted that he never meant it in the first place and was a joke.

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