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Jilted Girlfriend Sleeps With Boyfriend's Dad in Revenge (See Photo)

A woman has narrated how she was forced to cheat on her boyfriend by sleeping with the father after finding out a shocking truth.
Laura slept with the boyfriend's father in revenge
A jilted girlfriend got her revenge on her two-timing boyfriend by sleeping with the boyfriend's dad. Laura Jane Abrams, then 16, was besotted with Calvin, then 18, but always suspected his father David had feelings for her.
However, she later found out that Calvin had been cheating on her with another girl. Laura, now 29, met up with David and ended up having sex with him in the back of his car.
Laura from Heywood, Lancashire, does not regret her action as she feels she has a lucky escape and revenge. Remembering the days she spent with Calvin, Laura recalled how she would often sneak out late at night to meet up with him – behind her father’s back.
She admitted: “I was besotted, but my dad thought I was too young for a relationship and wanted me at home revising for my GCSEs, not out with boys.”
One night David took Laura and Calvin out to a fireworks display in his car.
It was on this occasion that Laura first began to suspect her boyfriend’s dad held a torch for her.
She recalled: “He stopped Calvin from trying to get in the front, wanting me to sit next to him.

“He flashed me a grin, which felt like he was flirting, but I dismissed it.

“He was a good-looking man is his 40s – I was a teenage school girl. He was just being friendly, that was all.

“But whenever I saw David, he paid me more attention than his son did. He always asked me about myself and seemed interested in what I had to say.”
One afternoon David was giving Laura a lift home when she felt his hand brushing against the small of her back.
She said: “I looked across at him, but he didn’t react. He just kept his hand there.”
Time passed and Laura left school and got a job as a receptionist at a computer repair centre.
She admitted: “I enjoyed making my own money, but Calvin didn’t like it.

“He started accusing me of flirting with men at work, and then he claimed I was having an affair.

“He wouldn’t let it go and I started to wonder whether it was time for us to call it a day.”
But then, when Laura was 18, she became pregnant.
She admitted: “It was a shock, but we were both happy.
“I hoped the baby would bring us closer together, but Calvin quickly lost interest, and even refused to come to my first scan.”
Tragically at seven weeks, after an argument, Laura miscarried.
She said: “After I lost our baby we drifted further apart.

“Calvin’s mum wouldn’t let me in the house after the pregnancy, so we spent more time at his dad’s.”
A few months later Laura began a training course for work.
Calvin took her there and picked her up each day – until one afternoon he didn’t turn up.
Laura moved on and later set up home in Manchester with her new partner, Mike.
The couple have three children and are engaged.
Laura said: “I wasted four years of my life on Calvin, but I’m glad he cheated on me. It was a lucky escape.”
In response to Laura’s story, Calvin admitted: “I was too young to settle down. I was friends with Aliex at first but I fancied her and she fancied me. We kissed but that’s about it.

“I know what I did was nasty, but if I hadn’t done it I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend and I’m really happy.”

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