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Jungle Justice: Angry Residents Set Armed Robber on Fire in Broad Daylight (Photos)

An unlucky armed robber has met fatal fate in the hands of irate mob who lynched him and burnt him alive.
The armed robber was burnt beyond recognition
An armed robber met his untimely death around Abua by Foster Street in Calabar, Cross River State after he was caught and burnt to death by an irate mob.
The robbers had gone on an operation but the unlucky armed robber was left behind by his gang members who escaped leaving him to be roasted like a goat.
Many people watched as he was lit on fire after he was beaten to a pulp before petrol was poured on his body. He burnt to ashes while people watched.
An eyewitness who witnessed the incident Ifere Paul said: "Abua by Foster Street in Calabar witnessed a spectacle when an arm robber that run out of luck was caught and burnt immediately. The robbers has gone on an operation but his gang members escaped leaving him behind to be caught and roasted like a goat.
"Members of the public are still watching as the fire munches the guy to death. Jungle justice is as a result of lack of trust in the Police system."

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