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Locally Made Vehicle Spotted in Enugu... See Photos

Savage comments have trailed a locally-made vehicle assembled in the South-eastern part of Nigerian and currently used for transportation.
The local vehicle in question
This locally made vehicle was spotted on Independence Layout Road in Enugu. The vehicle shares a striking resemblance with a motorcycle with a section of netizens mocking the discovery.
Two Secondary School students could be seen conveying themselves to the school in the roofless vehicle which looked very skeletal.
"It seems Eze was riding to school on the passenger seat" a Nigerian commenter said.
"This is absolutely impressive. Just like the Polaris Slingshot" another person averred.
Meanwhile, a third comment came as a painful jab to the designer of the car which still needs a whole lot of hardwork to make it attractive.
"I weep for my nation each time I see things like this and people start hailing the inventor. This shows that we lack exposure and the rot in our educational system is beyond imagination.
"The whitemen are like 50years ahead of us because this type of invention would have been praised 50 years ago not now that people are trying to do away with anything fuel consuming and looking towards renewable energy driven vehicle.
"Things like this are child's play for grade 10 student (western kids) that can be constructed in their garage. watch youtube videos and see how kids below 15 make series of machine from scraps. Its so sad that majority (not all) of engineering graduate of any Nigerian university cannot come close to this type of things and this shows that we are seriouly in deep pooooooooooooo!" he reiterated.

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