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Marcelo wishes Neymar happy birthday before Cristiano Ronaldo and tells fans who accuse him of favouritism to 'shut the f**k up'

So on Sunday, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo turned 32, and Barcelona star Neymar Jr, turned 25. Marcelo, Ronaldo's teammate and best friend at Real Madrid wished Neymar, his Brazilian teammate happy birthday first before he wished Ronaldo happy birthday minutes later.

This didn't go down well with Real Madrid fans, as they took to Marcelo's Instagram page to accuse him of favoritism with some even calling him 'Neycelo' a combination of Neymar and Marcelo..

Marcelo then clapped back at the fans who accused him of favoritism, telling them  'shut the fu*k up idiots' .

Marcelo is a good friend of Neymar and is also best friends with Ronaldo who he has partnered on the left flank of Real Madrid for a long time..

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