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Photos/Video: Angelina Jolie and her kids eat fried scorpions and tarantulas in Cambodia

Angelina Jolie is currently in Cambodia with her kids for the premiere of her film 'First They Killed My Father'. After opening up about her painful split from the father of her kids, Brad Pitt in an exclusive interview with BBC News, the actress taught the reporter about local cuisine and how to prepare some of the insects that are eaten in the Southeast Asian country.

'I think it's always been a part of the diet, the bugs,' Jolie explained as she and her children munched on tarantulas and scorpions. 'But I think there is a truth to the survival during the war of course. When people were being starved they were able to survive on things like this and they did.'
The mom-of-six who is making sure her children also have an appreciation for the local food, went on to explain how you acquire a taste for the native cuisine. 'Crickets, you start with crickets,' she informed the BBC reporter. 'Crickets and a beer and then you kind of move up to tarantulas.' Jolie adopted her and Pitt's eldest child, Maddox, 15, from Cambodia in 2002

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