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Sisters of Madonna's newly adopted twins say they're happy the girls have been whisked away to a life of luxury, while they struggle in poverty-stricken village

Alinefe and Tifa Mwale (pictured, right), who live in a brick and clay home in the impoverished village of Kayembe in Malawi, say they are delighted for four-year-old sisters Stella and Esther after they were adopted this week. The four-year-old twins, whose mother died in childbirth, are now at Madonna's £32million townhouse in New York after being flown to the US by private jet.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Alinefe, 15, who lives on a budget of less than 40p per day, said: '‘I am glad they are part of a family and they now have a mother who will love them. I want them to grow old being loved and to have people who cherish them.'
Her younger sister aged 13 said: ‘We only found out a day ago that they were in America. I do not know where that is but we are happy for them. I wish them well and hope their life will be one they are content with.’

The twins' family do not have running water, electricity or a toilet in their home, and father Adam is regularly away looking for work. Madonna had said she felt 'compelled' to seek their adoption after hearing their tragic story.

The twins had been left in an orphanage since birth after their mother Patricia died from a loss of blood following a caesarean section delivery in August 2012.

The home of the twins' father, Adam Mwale, in the village of Kayembe, Malawi, which does not have running water, electricity or a toilet. Their home is a brick and clay building they share with their father, their stepmother Anna and two other siblings, Kennedy, aged seven, and Gladys, aged 18
Basic facilities: With five other families in the cluster of brick and mud huts, the Mwales share a bathroom that has a roof constructed of straw and plastic bags. There is no running water with 32 people who live in their area standing on planks to stop their feet getting muddy
Worlds apart: A large group of children in the scorching sun, as far removed from what the twins will enjoy as humanly possible. Some wore Premier League football shirts with one boy sporting a blue Chelsea shirt with the name Lampard emblazoned on the back. The youngster had no idea who the player was or that Chelsea were a football team
Amid the greenery: The village is in the heart of the lush green maize fields 26 miles from the capital Lilongwe, and Stella and Esther's sisters live on a budget of less than 40p a day
Water supply: Water is brought to homes in the village through a well that the many children take in turns to operate with a handle

Visitor: Daily Mail online reporter Paul Thompson talks to children in the village of Kayembe, where the family of the twins adopted by Madonna lives on a budget of less than 40p per day

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