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Unbelievable! Woman Breastfeeds a Pig During Interview in Broad Daylight (See Photos+Video)

A woman surprised many bystanders after she whipped out her boobs and began breastfeeding a pig during an interview on television.
The woman breastfeeding the pig
A woman left many people seriously shocked after she was caught during an interview breastfeeding a pig. 
According to Dailymail, she was being interviewed by a reporter on a farm in Peru and being questioned about the heavy rain and floods and its effect on local business.
The woman, holding a piglet, pauses mid questions and to everyone's surprise whips out her boobs. She raised the animal to her right nipple and starts feeding it. The camera pans away and shows the shock and bemusement on the faces of the onlookers.
It isn't known why the woman made the decision to feed the pig from her own breasts but some have speculated she was making a point about how the extreme weather had affected food production. 
The reporter is left absolutely speechless at the strange act.
The incident happened in San Juan de Lurigancho, in Lima, Peru, and was being filmed by American Television. The shocked journalist walks away from the milk-giving lady and continues her report on the weather from a nearby river.
Watch video below:

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