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Why My Lover Can't Do Without My B**bs - Nollywood Actress Opens Up

One of the most promising actresses in the industry currently whose roles in movies like Empire, Soldier Boy, Descendants of Jezebel, has opened on why her boyfriend can't do without her huge boobs.
Stella Idika
While speaking in an exclusive chat with Inside Nollywood, Stella Idika who is one of the most promising actresses in the movie industry, disclosed that her boobs are the most cherished part of her anatomy and that her boyfriend can’t do without the round fleshy mounds.
The tall and busty diva who had starred in movies like Empire, Soldier Boy, Woman in me and Descendants of Jezebel are evidences of her creativity, said;
“My boobs and face are so special to me but I cherish my boobs more. They are not that big but I like its shape and the fitting it gives my clothes. Asides, my boyfriend loves them very much; he can’t do without my boobs,’’ she squealed in laughter.
She also opened up on what turns her off in men, saying that being dirty and unkempt is a rebuff for her. “I can’t stand a guy that smells of stale sweat all the time and those who’s feet stink when they take-off their shoes. I also can’t date guys that talks down on women. These kinds of men believe that every successful lady out there is lose. That mentality is totally wrong and pisses me off!’’
Clearing the widespread rumours that she is a smoker, the Ohaofia, Abia State-born starlet admitted that truly, she used to smoke but had since dumped cigarettes for good.

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