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#BBNaija: Fun in the house as housemates paint a picture of what they think Big Brother looks like

Its Day 37 and Biggie is feeling so arty , he made the housemates create a visual representation of him.

 "Let your imaginations run wild" - He said. And it sure did as the housemates came up with very interesting paintings of what Biggie looks like to them.

Still wondering who biggie is, the artworks from the housemates could help.

Controversial ThinTallTony came up with a Biggie without a face but who was omnipotent as well...


For Efe, Biggie is not the same person so he attempted to create the personalities in one image.
Marvis went for the logo effect, she wrote out the words “Big Brother” and dumped a crown next to it

while Uriel just assumed Biggie belongs to beard gang.


This one from Debbie Rise looks hilarious

Debbie Rise

And then Bassey assumed Biggie could be a green cap chief


Then Kemen comes with that "He sees Everything" artwork.

At least now we know that biggie is a green cap chief, who sees everything and is among the beard gang

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